Laapataa ladies Review: Kiran Rao’s ‘Laapataa Ladies’ wins hearts, go watch the movie on Netflix

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Laapataa Ladies Review: Laapataa Ladies, directed by Kiran Rao, is released on Netflix. Read the review of the film.

Laapataa ladies Review aamir khan kiran rao movie is amazing: Kiran Rao’s ‘Laapataa Ladies’ wins hearts, go with extra handkerchief to watch the movie

Kiran Rao

Sparsh Srivastava, Ravi Kishan, Nitanshi Goyal, Pratibha Ranta

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Laapata Ladies Review: We all know that Aamir Khan is a perfectionist, he puts his life and years into his films, and now the same thing is happening in his production too, Aamir Khan in Aamir Khan Production’s film Laapata Ladies. The touch is clearly visible, director Kiran Rao has created the same magic for which Aamir is known, that too without big stars, big sets, expensive costumes, Kiran has shown that he has learned perfection from Aamir very well. And she can do much bigger and better things in Bollywood.

Two couples board a train who have just got married. Both brides have big veils on their faces. This is the story of how these two go missing while in a hurry to get off the train and what happens next.

How is the movie
This is a film that shows that if the story is presented in the right way then nothing matters, neither Khan, nor Kapoor, nor Kumar. This 2-hour film gets to the point in 15 minutes and the story moves forward every moment, you never get a chance to check your phone or go out. This film tells a very important issue in such an entertaining way that you do not even realize that you are being given knowledge and you have already taken that knowledge. This is the specialty of cinema, or rather, the specialty of good and well-built cinema. Every character in the film is important. Even if he is a small boy washing utensils in a hotel. This film tells you a lot but in such a light-hearted manner that you won’t believe it. If the film makes you cry a lot then take a handkerchief, that too extra. Sparsh Srivastava has previously appeared in the web series Jamtara but this is his first film and he is very good. He has captured the body language of a village boy in an amazing style. Ravi Kishan is in the role of a policeman. His color was established from the trailer itself and he adds new life to the film. Whenever he comes on screen, he does amazing entertainment. Durgesh Kumar’s work is also very good.

Kiran Rao is truly the hero of the film. Her direction is perfect. She has worked well on every smallest detail in the film. Her hard work is visible in everything from the situation to the set. She has returned to direction after about 11 years. Before this, Dhobi Ghat had been built. Looking at the film it seems that it has come late but in good time. If she gets more opportunities, she can make amazing cinema.

All three actors of the film are new. Nitanshi Goyal has played the character of Phool. Their innocence wins your heart. It doesn’t seem like she is a new artiste. Her way of talking, the way of walking, the way of sitting on the back of her husband’s bicycle, are so perfect that you feel like she is a village girl. Pratibha Ranta has also put life into her character. She also looks so perfect that you don’t think she is acting. You don’t even realize when she teaches you something.

Ram Sampath’s music makes this wonderful film even more wonderful. The songs fit the situation and carry the pace of the film. When songs come, it is fun.

Overall, definitely watch this film. A simple film will tell you a lot. Will give you a lot entertainment.

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