Yeh Meri Family 3 Review: This web series takes you on a trip to the old days, the brother-sister duo wins hearts!

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Yeh Meri Family 3 Review: This is the third season of ‘Yeh Meri Family’ (2018), which shows the simple and stress-free days of children born in the 90s. Season 3 takes place during the spring season in Lucknow, and the scent of hopes and dreams is in the air. There are many lovely moments in the daily life of the Awasthi family, like the happiness of Holi festival, various kinds of joys and sorrows etc. Yeh Meri Family 3 has been released at a time when the majority of web series are filled with crime and thriller or heavy social drama. This web series gives you happiness and gives a glimpse of old times and shows how people of that time used to have simplicity.

Be it happiness, sadness or arguments, director Rahib Siddiqui effectively conveys the essence of a middle class Indian family. Season 2 starred Ritika (Hetal Gada) in the lead role. In Season 3, we see the events through the innocent eyes of Rishi (Angad Raj), and at times, he even makes you laugh out loud.

How is the story

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As the youngest member of Ye Meri Family, Angad Raj brilliantly plays the role of Rishi. As the fun-loving story teller, Angad looks both entertaining and charming. Rajesh Kumar and Juhi Parmar are great actors, and the pair are seen playing the role of strict and loving Indian parents very well.

Hetal Gada as Rishika has again done a wonderful job. Hetal is Angad’s rock in many scenes and you can’t help but be impressed by their brother-sister relationship while watching this web series.

Overall, Yeh Meri Family 3 is a web series that will refresh your mood and also take you on a trip to the old days. There are many such scenes in this web series which make you laugh out loud. Even small disputes especially make children laugh a lot.

Review by BollyMasala 3.5
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