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By Ronit Kawale 3 Min Read

Dear netflix: The film has been released on the Netflix platform. How is this film? Should you spend your time on this film or not? Let us try to know about all these things.

People often have the habit of snoring, due to which the people around them get very upset. In the film Dear, the story of a character Deepika has been shown, who also has the habit of snoring, this is one of the reasons why. She is not married. Now who would marry a girl who snores? Eventually she gets married.

But due to snoring, she starts having problems in her married life. To see further twists and turns in the film, you will have to watch the entire film. If we talk about the duration of the film, then this film is of two hours and twelve minutes, which is not very long. You can watch this film comfortably. Can be seen in less time. The Hindi dubbed version of the film has also been dubbed well.

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Dear, you can watch the film, it is neither very good nor bad, you can pass your time by watching this film, it is a decent film.

Even before this, a Malayalam film has been released, its plot was also similar, the name of the film was Good Night, where a boy was shown snoring and in the film Dear, a girl was shown snoring. But there is a lot of difference in the story of both the films, they can neither be called a copy of each other nor a remake.

Talking about the screen play of the film Dear, the problem related to snoring was shown well in the first part of the film, but in the second part of the film, the story of the film seems to be going into a different zone, although it is connected. From the first part, a different story starts going on.

Dear movie proves to be successful in bringing out tears from your eyes. Emotional scenes have been shown very well in the movie. You are going to cry 100% in the climax scene of the film. Dear, if we talk about the music of the film, it is fine, the acting of all the actors in the film is good but not very good.

The film is going to seem a little slow in the beginning but gradually you start liking it. You can watch this film once if you have time.

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