Farhan Akhtar’s Don 3 will be made or not

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Don 3:Farhan Akhtar’s Don 3 becomes a topic of discussion every time. Earlier it was in discussion because of the absence of Shahrukh Khan in Don 3 and the arrival of Ranveer Singh in place of Shahrukh Khan. Now another news has come out regarding Don 3 which after hearing Whether someone likes it or not, Ranveer Singh is going to feel very bad.

In the year 2023, a news came out regarding Don 3 that now Shahrukh Khan is not going to be a part of Don 3, in his place we will see Ranveer Singh playing the role of Don, then Shahrukh’s fans had shown their displeasure on social media. And had said that we want to see only Shahrukh Khan as Don, if Ranveer Singh comes in the role of Don then we will boycott this film.

But in August, Farhan Akhtar released a teaser in which Ranveer Singh was seen in the role of a don. Seeing this, Shahrukh Khan’s fans got furious and started trolling Ranveer Singh.

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Now some such news is coming out from inside that this film has now been shelved and currently no work will be done on this film, we cannot tell how much truth is there in this but yes one thing is certain that this The news is spreading like wildfire on social media.

But this news has not been officially informed to the media by the maker yet. Now, what is the reason as to why this film is being closed, it will be a little difficult to say about it right now, as far as we feel, Farhan Akhtar has taken the talk of Shahrukh Khan’s fans a little serious and currently he has closed this film. It is thought better to do so.

This news has definitely made Shahrukh Khan’s fans happy. Fans feel that maybe in future Shahrukh Khan will say yes to Farhan Khan’s Don and these days people will come together and shoot Don 3 once again.

Before this, Farhan Akhtar had made Don 1 and Don 2 with Shahrukh Khan and both these films proved to be blockbusters at the box office. Farhan Akhtar had also made a lot of money from these films. Now when it came to making Don 3, Shahrukh Khan did not like its story much, he no longer wants to do this type of films, hence he refused Farhan for Don 3. It is not that Farhan did not offer him this film, he did offer it but Badshah Khan. He had refused to do it. As of now, this film has been shelved, now we have to see what happens with this film.

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