Ghostbusters: The Frozen Empire Review

By Ronit Kawale 3 Min Read

Ghostbusters: The Frozen Empire Review This is the fifth film of this series, which is connected to the previous four series, but to watch it, it is not necessary that you have seen all its series; this film will be understood if you are familiar with this series. Even if you have seen the fourth film, which was released in 2021, you will understand this series.

It is shown in the film that there is a team of ghostbusters who catch ghosts, supernatural powers, and spirits in their city. This time they have to catch a very powerful supernatural witch who has the power to destroy the entire world. Now, to know how this team catches that witch and what problems they have to face to catch her, you will have to watch this film. The Frozen Empire is shown at the very end of the film, but seeing it blows your mind. It should have been shown for a longer period of time, but it was not shown for long in the film.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife – Cast & Crew


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Paul RuddGrooberson (Gary Grooberson)
Carrie CoonCallie
Finn WolfhardTrevor
Mckenna GracePhoebe
Kumail NanjianiNadeem Razmaadi
Patton OswaltDr. Hubert Wartzki
Celeste O’ConnorLucky
Logan KimPodcast
Bill MurrayDr. Peter Venkman
Dan AykroydDr. Raymond Stantz
Ernie HudsonDr. Winston Zeddemore
Annie PottsJanine Melnitz
James AcasterLars Pinfield
Emily Alyn LindMelody


Crew MemberTitle
Gil KenanDirector, Screenwriter
Jason ReitmanDirector, Screenwriter, Producer
Jason BlumenfeldProducer
Dan AykroydExecutive Producer
JoAnn PerritanoExecutive Producer
Amie KarpExecutive Producer
Eric ReichExecutive Producer
Erica MillsExecutive Producer
Eric SteelbergCinematographer
Nathan OrloffFilm Editor
Shane ReidFilm Editor

In the rest of the film, the same thing is seen, which we got to see in its previous series. If we talk about VFX CGI in the film, it has been presented very well. All its series have proved to be blockbusters. If we look at the film made for Rs 100 million, it has earned 177 million dollars so far, so in that sense, this film has become a blockbuster. This film can also be watched with children. If you want, you can watch this film with the entire family. The Hindi-dubbed version of this film is also very good.

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