Srikanth Movie Review: This fantastic biopic will win your heart, Rajkummar Rao gives award winning performance

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‘You have created a different story for us in your mind. Poor guy, too bad happened to him. Nothing bad has happened to us, we are not poor at all. Don’t fall into our trap, we will sell you and eat you. These dialogues of Srikanth, directed by Tushar Hiranandani and starring Rajkumar Rao, are enough to describe the mood of the film. It is true that on one hand the society looks at the blind people as pitiful and on the other hand it also looks at them with contempt. People think that these disabled people can only beg, but when a person like Shrikant Bola comes into your living world, who despite being visually impaired, after going through all the ironies, not only started a company worth Rs. 150 crores but A character who not only provides employment for the poor, but also dreams of becoming India’s first visually impaired President, naturally translates into a strong biopic. Under his direction, Tusshar gave such a feel-good biopic film by making Rajkumar Rao as ‘Srikanth’ that when the audience comes out of the cinema hall, they find their attitude towards the blind changed.

Story of ‘Srikanth’
The story begins in a poignant manner. A child is born in a destitute home in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. His father, a farmer, wants him to become a cricketer, Srikanth, but his happiness is shattered when he learns that the child is blind. The father wants to bury the blind child alive to save him from future troubles, but is unable to. It is from here that the battle for that child’s survival begins. Srikanth (Rajkummar Rao) first becomes a topper in his school again along with his sighted classmates, but despite his struggle to get admission in Science and then topping 12th, he does not get admission in IIT due to being blind. . But MIT in America welcomes him with open arms.

In this journey, Srikant is groomed by his teacher, played by Jyothika. The further story passes between the beginning and struggles of a company that comes to Hyderabad from America and provides employment to the disabled people of the country, where on one hand Ravi (Sharad Kelkar) supports Srikant by becoming a partner in the business, while on the other hand Swati ( Alaya F) not only gives him her love but also teaches him moral lessons when he goes astray.

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‘Srikanth’ movie review
The most charming feature of this biopic of director Tushar Hiranandani is its through-out positive fabric, which does not let you feel sad anywhere. The director quotes a dialogue of Bal Srikanth in the beginning of the film, ‘I cannot run, I can only fight.’ It sets the tone of the story. If Tusshar wanted, he could have glorified it, as is usual in biopics, but by showing the gray aspects of the character, he humanizes it.

The first half is cheeky despite the conflicts, while the story in the second half seems a bit dragged out. But Tushar, along with writers Sumit Purohit and Jagdeep Sidhu, have kept the entire focus on Srikant’s intelligence and how he adapts to adverse situations with his intelligence. The film also takes a dig at the education system. Instead of bemoaning blindness, Tushar celebrates it and the audience also joins in the celebration.

Talking about music, ‘Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega’ has been beautifully recreated as per the situation. But in the music of Tanishk Bagchi and Sachet tradition, songs like ‘Tu Mil Gaya’ and ‘Tumhe Hi Apna Manna Hai’ have become well.

Talking about acting, Rajkummar Rao as Srikanth is the best part of the film. Its casting is most important in any biopic. In fact, apart from Rajkumar Rao, no one else can be imagined in the role of Srikanth. Rajkummar Rao shines in all the scenes, even when he appears arrogant.

Jyotika’s acting as a teacher is superb. She presents the character in a natural and sensitive manner. Alaya F plays the character of Swati very beautifully. Although he has got less screen space, he has shown his mettle. Sharad Kelkar further strengthens the character of Ravi, Srikanth’s friend, partner and well-wisher by adding his part as an actor. The supporting cast suits the theme.

Why watch – Watch this movie for those who are fond of feel-good inspirational biopic movies and Rajkummar Rao’s excellent acting.

Review By BollyMasala
Review by BollyMasala 3.5
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