Movie Review: Kartam Bhugatam

By Ronit Kawale 4 Min Read
Rating by Bollymasala

Actor: Shreyas Talpade, Vijay Raj, Madhu, Aksha Pardasani, Gaurav Dagar
Director: Soham Shah
Category: Hindi, Psychological, Thriller
Duration: 2 Hrs 33 Min

‘As you do, so do you’, ‘You reap what you sow’, these and many such sayings have always been famous among the Indian people. Taking this as its basis, writer-director Soham P Shah has brought his new film ‘Kartam Bhugatam’. The essence of the film is that whatever you do, you will suffer. But the story starts with the dark business of astrology and while moving at a slow pace, it deviates on the track of deception and revenge. However, the film definitely gives the message of avoiding the clutches of hypocritical astrologers and not getting trapped in superstition.

Story of ‘Kartam Bhugatam’

Deeply influenced by the themes like Karma-Phala and destiny, Soham has earlier made films like ‘Kaal’ and ‘Luck’. Now, to return to the big screen after 15 years, he has chosen the same subjects as planets, constellations, astrology and karma. The story of the film is about Dev Joshi (Shreyas Talpade) returning to his home in Madhya Pradesh from New Zealand. After the death of his father, Dev has to sell his ancestral property and return with all his savings in ten days, but an astrologer Anna (Vijay Raaz) tells him that he will not go back. This thing keeps revolving in Dev’s mind and when all his work from land to bank gets stuck, he turns to Anna for a ray of hope. Watching the film, we will know where the rituals told by Anna lead Dev.

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‘Kartam Bhugatam’ Movie Review

The plot of the film is interesting, but Soham has not been able to convert this idea into a strong screenplay. The mysterious way in which the audience is introduced to Vijay Raaz’s character in the beginning gives hope, but then the repetitive screenplay becomes boring after a certain point. In the film, Anna repeatedly tells Dev to have some patience, but the real test of this patience lies with the audience.

Anna’s wife Seema’s (Madhu) refrain of paani pi lo, chai pi lo, Dev’s partner Jiya’s (Aksha Pardasani) video call has become quite repetitive. On top of that, the weak production value of the film spoils the fun. The first exciting scene of this psychological-thriller comes just before the interval. The story picks up pace in the second half, but soon loses its impact again.

Many questions remain unresolved in the film. Talking about acting, Vijay Raaz impresses. His style and dialogue delivery work to maintain the suspense. Shreyas Talpade has played his role honestly. Madhu and Aksha have also acted well. Madhu’s transformation is great. Amar Mohile’s background score is good but technical aspects like music, editing, production design prove to be average.

Why watch – If you are interested in fake astrologers and want to watch a film based on a good message of not getting trapped in their clutches, then ‘Kartam Bhugatam’ can be watched once.

Rating by Bollymasala
Rating by Ronit Kawale 3
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