Ruslaan Review, Rating : Style, action and thrill are strong, but Ayush Sharma’s film fails to attract.

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Rating by Ronit

Story of ‘Ruslan’

Ruslaan (Ayush Sharma) has two faces. One in which he has been amidst the noise of guns and bullets. Whereas the other face is where he is an excellent musician. Ruslan has a past which is no less than a dark chapter for him. He has to clean his image. He wants a permanent job in the country’s intelligence agency ‘RAW’. But his strong desire to do the right thing often leads him into situations that are dangerous. A fire of revenge is also burning inside Ruslan.

Ruslaan has seen his entire family wiped out in a bloody encounter. When he grows up, he emerges as a very well-rounded person. Adoption by an honest officer Major Sameer (Jagapathi Babu) and his wife plays a major role in his changed fortunes. But his only mission in life is to serve his country at any cost.

‘Ruslaan’ Movie Review

Director Karan L Butani’s entire focus is to show the bravery of his hero in the film. No matter what happens. From Ayush Sharma’s entry to the climax, the entire film is only about Ruslaan. The entire screenplay is a praise, a glorification of the one who can overcome any obstacle. The story of the film has been written by Yunus Sajawal, Mohit Srivastava, Kavin Dave and it has a lot of stylish action and twists. This is really something that you would not have imagined before reaching the theatre. But the problem is that it all seems absurd.

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The tone of the film’s screenplay gives Vikram Dahiya and Dinesh Subbarayan ample scope for action and stunt choreography. There is suspense in the film from the beginning and it continues till the climax. But the worrying thing is that when this mystery is revealed, you think that it was not such a big revelation.

‘Ruslaan’ is completely Ayush Sharma’s film. He has got full opportunity to show all his skills in this film. There is no doubt that he is very engaged in action scenes. But in emotional scenes, their lack of confidence starts appearing on screen. He is unable to convey on screen the depth of the conflict going on within the heart of ‘Ruslaan’. Because of this, Ruslan, as a viewer, is unable to connect with the character.

Debut actress Ms. Shreya Mishra has played the role of Ruslaan’s girlfriend Vani. He also had some good action scenes in the film. Barring some unnecessary songs in between, the pace of the film is good and it keeps moving in a rhythm.

The biggest drawback of the film is that it has no depth. For example, the ease with which Ruslan and his companions manage to infiltrate inhospitable situations and survive, it all seems a bit unbelievable. Jagapathi Babu has done a great job as a noble police officer. He is also a loving father to a terrorist’s orphan son.

While watching the film one realizes that the story lacks conviction. The characters could have been made stronger. Apart from this, a huge amount of patriotism has also been included in the film. It connects you emotionally, but sometimes it also seems imaginary. Yes, G Srinivas Reddy’s cinematography is excellent.

Overall, ‘Ruslaan’ is a steady dose of action and thrill with all the focus on enthralling the audience. But there is no logic in this.

Ruslaan Review: Some liked Ayush’s action while others found the direction crude, know what people said.

Why watch- If you like Ayush Sharma. If you are fond of action films and want to watch a twist-turn film steeped in all kinds of formulas, then you can watch ‘Ruslaan’.

Rating by Ronit
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