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By Ronit Kawale 3 Min Read

A Taxi Driver Review: A Taxi Driver movie has been released on the streaming platform of Amazon Prime and the best thing about the movie is that you will be able to watch it in good Hindi dubbing. If we talk about the duration of the film, it is only two hours movie, which you can watch in less time, you do not have to spend too much time on this film. You can watch the film sitting with children and family, no adult scene or vulgar language of any kind has been used in this film. But you are going to see brutality in the film.

If we talk about the story of the film, many things have been shown like this in A Taxi Driver. Which is inspired by a real incident. Many of the scenes shown in the film have happened in real life. The plot of the film is set in 1980 when the Korean government was bent upon discriminating against the people there.

And they were behaving in a way that was not correct at all. The atmosphere at that time was very bad. The film starts with the journey of two people, one is the lead actor of the film, a taxi driver and the other is an international journalist. That journalist has to take the taxi driver to someplace when both of them are at that place. When they reach there, some other kind of problem is going on and both of them get stuck there. Now how do these two come out of that problem, you will have to watch this film.

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If we talk about the film in one line, then it is a good film and it shows the lifestyle of 1980 in a good way, which is nice to watch. After watching the film, it feels as if we are sitting in 1980. The way the film seems to move from the soft zone to the hard zone, you are going to have a lot of fun watching it.

Whatever situation happened in Korea in 1980, you get to see everything in the film. One thing is sure if you are fond of seeing things from the past, then this film is going to give you fun. The performance of the main lead taxi driver of the film is amazing and the comedy angle has also been used in the film in a great way. In some places, you may get painful feelings while watching the film.

You do not get to see much action mass entertainment in the film, but apart from that you are going to see something which gives you a pleasant experience.

The film keeps you engaged and gives thrills. You will become so attached to the two main characters of the film that a voice will come from within you that both of them should quickly come out of the problem they are in.

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