Imtiaz Ali Reveals: Amar Singh Chamkila Had Another Child Besides Amarjot

By Ronit Kawale 1 Min Read

Imtiaz Ali’s film Amar Singh Chamkila has created waves since its release on Netflix. People have been praising the film endlessly. Amar Singh Chamkila’s name is on everyone’s lips. However, something surprising has come to light recently. Imtiaz Ali disclosed that Amar Singh Chamkila had another son whose mother wasn’t Amarjot.

Yes, there was a scene in the movie depicting this, but it was later edited out. Imtiaz Ali’s narration of the story is quite astonishing. Had this scene been included in the film, people would have been more informed about it.

Imtiaz Ali further revealed that Amar Singh Chamkila had a child with Gurmeel, who was not someone else but Chamkila’s first wife. He said, “After having a child with Amarjot, he had another child with Gurmeel. Chamkila’s sister explained the situation to me. I have records and even wrote a scene about it, but it had to be cut as it was less relevant compared to existing scenes.”

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Imtiaz Ali’s statement has now become part of the news, and people are saying that Chamkila’s life was quite different.

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