Richa Chadha said she lost the role to a star kid at the last moment despite four audition rounds

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Richa Chadha is receiving unparalleled praise and recognition for her matchless role in the latest project, Heeramandi: Diamond Bazar Though her screen timing in the role of ‘Lajjo’ was very less, the actress has left an indelible mark with her precise expressions, grace and charm. Moreover, her brilliant work has led many to compare her to veteran actresses like Rekha and Madhuri Dixit.

Richa Chadha recalls losing a role to a star kid at the last minute

In a recent conversation with Filmigyan, Richa Chadha was asked about her reaction to being compared to Madhuri Dixit for her role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film. Heeramandi Recently. Looking back, the actress expressed that this is something she has learnt through experience and not taught. Furthermore, Richa also commented on how such experiences have not always been positive, and she has faced many failures as well. She further spoke about a moment when she missed out on a role despite giving four rounds of auditions, and was suddenly replaced by a star-kid or maybe someone’s girlfriend at the last moment.

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Richa told how risky her small role in the film ‘Dabangg’ was.

In an earlier interview with PTI, Richa Chadha was asked about her thoughts about taking up such a short-duration role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s multi-starrer series – Heeramandi. However, the diva admitted that she was initially apprehensive about the move and felt it was a risky affair as the audience might forget her role in the eight-episode long series. However, she also said that she is glad that it all worked out well in the end. In her words:

“There were a lot of memories and a lot of risk, and it all worked out. It’s very short and there’s always a risk that it will get lost with all the actors in eight episodes. There’s a big star cast and other people are getting a lot of love as well. So for that reason, I was a little scared that it might get lost, but I’m really glad that it didn’t happen.”


When Richa revealed she drank alcohol to complete a scene after 40 retakes

Earlier, while speaking to Zoom, Richa Chadha recalled another anecdote from the shooting diaries Heeramandi: DiamondBazar And spoke about one of her important scenes, which took almost 40 retakes to complete. However, to finalise the scene, Richa admitted that she had to drink a quarter glass of alcohol to help her. Richa further explained how everything got even worse:

“I didn’t want any sluggishness in the body movement, I wanted some reduction in it, maybe the accuracy would go away, but I didn’t want to lose grace.”


Richa Chadha is expecting her first child with her husband Ali Fazal

On February 9, 2024, the lovely couple, Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal announced the most beautiful news of their lives as they embarked on their new journey of becoming parents. The two shared a snapshot of a paper chit that read, “1+1=3”. They also shared a heartwarming photo of themselves announcing their pregnancy.



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