Chunky Panday reacts to a netizen who called Aditya ‘son-in-law’ amid rumours of his breakup with Ananya

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Ananya Panday and Aditya Roy Kapur have been speculated to be dating each other for the past few years. However, just a month ago, news of their separation made headlines. Though Ananya and Aditya have never accepted or denied the rumours of their relationship or breakup, these rumours often spread for one reason or another. After the news of Ananya and Aditya’s separation surfaced online, the actress’ father Chunky Panday’s picture with the actor went viral. And now, veteran actor Chunky’s IG activity has caught the attention of netizens.

Chunky Panday reacts when a netizen tagged Aditya Roy Kapur as his ‘Groom’

It was on June 8, 2024 when Chunky Panday took to his IG handle and posted several pictures of a beverage advertisement that was shot on the beach. One of the pictures featured a cute selfie of Chunky and Aditya which grabbed the attention of netizens. Now, a Redditor has shared a screenshot from the comments section of Chunky’s recent post which featured Aditya. What grabbed attention was the like on a comment by Ananya’s father, in which a netizen called Aditya his ‘Groom,

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Chunky Panday
Chunky Panday

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Netizens react to Chunky Panday liking a comment mentioning Aditya Roy Kapur Groom

After the screenshot of Chunky Panday liking the comment claiming Aditya as his own Groom As it surfaced online, netizens reacted to it. Some users jokingly asked if Ananya and Aditya will get married, and others wondered if the picture was from a film shoot. One user wrote, “They are going to get married in summer while eating pasta”. Another user commented, “Koi movie kar rahe hoga saath ke bhai.”

Chunky Panday reacts to a netizen who called Aditya 'son-in-law' amid rumours of his breakup with Ananya
Chunky Panday reacts to a netizen who called Aditya ‘son-in-law’ amid rumours of his breakup with Ananya

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When Chunky Panday said he wouldn’t dare interfere in Ananya Panday’s relationships

Earlier, in an interview with Lehran, Chunky Panday was asked about his daughter Ananya Panday’s alleged relationship with Aditya Roy Kapur, and how she often talks about her alleged boyfriend. To this, Chunky said that he has no problem with it and he wouldn’t dare interfere in his 25-year-old daughter’s personal life. He also said that if his daughter was 14, he could have talked to her about her relationship, but she isn’t. Chunky also said that Ananya is earning more than him now, so there’s no point in interfering in her relationship.

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Ananya Panday and Aditya Roy Kapur’s breakup rumours

When Ananya Panday posted a cryptic note on her IG story about ‘letting go’ and ‘lessons’ in life, speculations of her breakup with Aditya started making headlines. Later, a report in Bombay Times stated that Ananya and Aditya had indeed broken up, and they had decided to live amicably with each other after their separation. A source said that they were hurt, but the couple was trying to handle the situation. The source revealed that while Ananya was spending time with her dear friend, Aditya, on the other hand, was dealing with the situation maturely.

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What do you think about Chunky liking the post? Groom,

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