Kamal Haasan Reveals Which Things He Admires in MS Dhoni Praises Cricketer While Cskvsrcb Ipl Match 2024

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Every other person is a fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. One name in this is that of South Superstar Kamal Haasan. He has been a fan of the cricketer for many years. Often talk about him and have once again praised Dhoni. He had arrived as a guest on Star Sports channel for the promotion of his upcoming film ‘Indian 2’. Here he reveals what he likes about MS Dhoni. Kamal Haasan used the word equipoise to praise Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Said that cricketers maintain a balance all the time. Due to this, the pressure of the game does not fall on the other player. He said, ‘For once, let us forget stardom and see the efforts of the man from where he started. This is not a typical story of a rich college boy becoming a cricketer. I am talking about the time of Nawab of Pataudi, Nari Contractor, Engineer Saheb, Jaisimha. They are all rich people. This boy came from a small town when street cricket was at its peak. This did not come in his younger days. Look at his height and physique. I appreciate it.

What does Kamal Haasan like about Dhoni?

Kamal Haasan further said, ‘There is one word which I use constantly in my vocabulary and Dhoni is a perfect example of it. I kind of overuse it because I’m so fond of it. For me, it is not just a word, it is an attitude. And this is called equipoise. No matter the time, you maintain your balance. The pressure of the game does not fall on the man. I appreciate this thing because when they say action, this is what happens. The pressure is high and it may not always be possible to call the cut. There’s always one more match, one more over, but not letting the pressure get to you and keeping it up – not just for yourself but for the whole team – that’s what I love.

Kamal Haasan’s post on Dhoni’s retirement

Even in August 2020, when Dhoni announced his retirement from Indian cricket, Kamal Haasan had tweeted. He wrote, ‘Dhoni, thank you for showing how self-confidence can help achieve achievements in sports and life. Team India will remember your calm and adventurous demeanor from a small town to becoming a national hero. Glad your love story with Chennai continues.

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