AR Rahman Reveal His Mother Sold Her Jewelery to Buy Music Equipment for First Studio

By Ronit Kawale 2 Min Read

Well-known popular singer AR Rahman once again surprised everyone with his performance in Imtiaz Ali’s movie ‘Chamkila’. The whole world is impressed by his voice. He has also won an Oscar for this voice. Now during a conversation he remembered those days when his mother had helped him a lot. Told how he had sold his jewelery so that Rahman could buy things related to his music. AR Rahman interacted with Imtiaz Ali, Mohit Chauhan and Irshad Kamil for the OTT platform. During this, Rahman told that his mother was an important reason for his joining this music. He told that he never went to college. Due to which he felt as if he was losing something.

AR Rahman used to sit with elders

Rahman told that when he was 12 years old, he used to hang out with people in their 40s and 50s. He used to get along well with them. He heard, understood and knew new things about many things from those people. He was also inspired to discover new worlds.

Rahman’s mother mortgaged the jewelery

The singer further said that he did not have money to buy music related items, yet he started a studio. Then his mother sold her jewelery to buy the first recorder. After this, Rahman’s studio had an AC, a bathroom and a wardrobe. But he wanted to buy an amplifier or equalizer. He told that when his mother gave her jewelery for mortgage, he started feeling empowered. That one moment had brought a big change in his life. He was able to see his future from there.

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