Sushmita Sen was shooting for Miss Universe in Taj Mahal and fainted, 30 year old video goes viral

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Sushmita Sen not only created history by winning the title of Miss Universe in the year 1994, but also made the country proud. Sushmita Sen was the first Indian woman to win the Miss Universe crown. Coming from a middle class family, Sushmita Sen was made Miss Universe by her wit and amazing self-confidence. Designer Ritu Kumar had signed a deal to design clothes for the Miss India pageant held in 1994. He then handled the wardrobe of Sushmita Sen. He also designed clothes for the actress’s first photoshoot after becoming Miss India. Ritu Kumar has shared a video on her Instagram account, which is from the time when Sushmita Sen was on America’s tour to become Miss Universe. Was about to go. Then he did a photoshoot of Sushmita Sen outside the Taj Mahal. This was the actress’s first photoshoot, and Ritu Kumar had designed her clothes for it.

Story of Sushmita Sen’s photoshoot for Miss Universe

Ritu Kumar shared the video and wrote, ‘In the year 1994, Sushmita Sen won the title of Miss India and Miss Universe title in America. It was a historic moment and I was glad to be a part of it. I had a deal with Miss India to design clothes for the contestants. I was assigned the task of creating Sushmita’s wardrobe. When he started his tour of America, I started sending him suits, kurta-pajamas and sarees made of Bandhani and Zardozi, which got a really good response.


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Sushmita fainted due to fatigue, applause rang after seeing her in pink saree and Taj

Ritu Kumar further wrote, ‘When she came to Delhi after the tour, I got a call to come to Taj Palace. Upon reaching, I came to know that the team had scheduled a shooting outside the Taj Mahal for the next day. But the clothes sent to her (Sushmita Sen) were shorts and T-shirt. They were too small and inappropriate to wear in front of the Taj Mahal. So, we opened the store at night itself, picked out the pink saree and got the blouse fitted. We also got some other important things done and within a few hours we were ready to shoot. The shooting was very tiring and poor Sushmita even fainted once. But the pictures came out amazing, making our hard work successful. Even today I remember that moment when the UP Police personnel were clapping with pride after seeing Sushmita Sen wearing a crown on her head and wearing a pink saree.

Gown was tailored by tailor for Miss India

It is known that when Sushmita Sen participated in the Miss Universe contest, she was 18 years old. In the same year, Sushmita Sen also won the title of Miss India. However, at that time Sushmita did not even have money to buy a gown. In such a situation, she got the dress stitched from Sarojini Nagar, Delhi. The gown she wore when she became Miss India was actually stitched by a tailor from Sarojini Nagar.

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