Sunil Grover Hired Ed Sheeran Krushna Abhishek Tease Him at the Great Indian Kapil Show Promo

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This time, international singer and 4-time Grammy Award winner ED Sheeran will be seen in ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’. The promo of this show has come out, in which he is having a lot of fun with the cast of the show. Also narrating Shahrukh Khan’s hook step and dialogue from his film. In the promo, everyone from Sunil Grover to Kiku Sharda and Krishna Abhishek are seen having fun with him. Singer ED Sheeran appeared in the latest promo of ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’. Kapil welcomed him. Told that it has sold its 150 million records. Krishna said that people say that ads do not appear on Netflix. Take the entire ED Shiran Rin is here. Then Kapil tells the singer that even though you are younger than me in age, I am younger than you in English. After this, he also performed one of his popular songs, on which the audience was seen dancing.


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Sunil Grover hired Ed Sheeran

Kapil asked Ed Sheeran that he had gone to Shahrukh Khan’s house. Had met him. Saw the video. So he speaks the DDLJ dialogue ‘Bade bade shehon mein choti choti baatein hoti rahe hain’ and also does the actor’s hook step with Kapil. And the funniest thing happens when the singer sings a song in Hindi language, which he has composed himself. After this, Sunil Grover hires him for a program in Rajasthan, and he is shocked to hear this.

Ed Sheeran insulted Kapil

At the end of the promo the singer insults Kapil Sharma. What happens is that Kapil tells him that Ed Sheeran has come especially to meet him. To which the singer replies, ‘No no, it is not like that. I have a show in Mumbai. ‘Now this episode will go live on Saturday, May 18 at 8 pm.

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