Undekhi 3 Review, Rating: New twist and character created a sensation in the crime thriller

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This time in ‘Undekhi 3’ the attitude is more than before. Atwal family wants revenge. The story delves deeper into this, especially as Papaji’s chaos uncovers many new and buried secrets. Such deep secrets of the Atwal family are hidden in Manali, which has worked to hide the empire of crime. Like its previous season, ‘Andekhi 3’ also sees the characters playing bloody games to fulfill their selfish desires.

The third season begins with Rinku (Surya Sharma), who is looking for Samarth (Nandish Singh Sandhu) to take revenge and restart his illegal drug business. Amidst all this, the video of Papaji (Harsh Chhaya) who murdered the dancer in the wedding party has become public. This is the only evidence, after which the case has been reopened. DCP Ghosh (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) gets new hope from this. He wants justice for the dead girl and wants to eliminate this Atwal family. But when all the evidence is coming to light, will Rinku be able to save her father? He cannot trust anyone, because everyone has their own interests.

Papaji’s son Daman (Ankur Rathi) and daughter-in-law Teji (Aanchal Ji Singh) are looking for an investor for the resort. Both want to shift abroad for a better life. Meanwhile, Teji’s friend Saloni (Ann Zoya) from the videography team, the only surviving witness, also wants revenge. But will she succeed? To answer these and many such questions, you will have to watch this eight-episode series.

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‘Undekhi 3’ web series review

While on one hand a game of cat and mouse is going on in the series, on the other hand, director Ashish R. is introducing some new characters. Shukla has turned it into a captivating drama. The character of Rajeev Malhotra (Varun Badola) wants to expand illegal business in Himachal Pradesh. But this also brings new challenges. Deepika (Shruti Menon) is Rajeev’s right hand. She is his manager and is very cruel.

While watching the series, sometimes it becomes difficult to keep track of its characters, their situations and their selfishness. Investigating a murder case always takes time, due to which after a while it seems that justice is not going to be done. However, the natural beauty of Manali makes this crime thriller beautiful.

Harsh Chhaya has won hearts as the extremely rude and drunkard Papaji in ‘Andekhi 3’. He is the life of the series. Although his actions are repetitive, he still shines in every scene with his attitude. Surya Sharma is in the role of Rinku and he looks impressive. This time the audience will also see his emotional side, especially when he is with his wife Muskaan (Shivangi Singh).

Dibyendu Bhattacharya has given a good performance as the hard-working officer trying to close the case. Satinder (Rahul Bagga) and Rashi (Lavina Tandon) also provide excellent support as the other investigating officers in Ghosh’s team. Varun Badola’s strong performance makes this crime thriller interesting. The director has unnecessarily used Ankur Rathi and Aanchal ji Singh in the roles of Daman and Teji.

While watching the series, one realizes that some characters could have got a little less screen time. However, the story and especially Papaji’s mysterious past keeps you glued to the screen.

Why watch- If you have watched the last two seasons of ‘Andekhi’ series, then ‘Andekhi 3’ might be liked by you. The suspense and excitement is maintained from beginning to end and it is entertaining.

Rating by Bollymasala
Review by Ronit Kawale 3
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