Sanjay Dutt Shares Emotional Caption For Mother Nargis On Her Death Anniversary

By Ronit Kawale 2 Min Read

Nargis was one of the famous actresses of Bollywood, who left everything and said goodbye to this world on this day in the year 1981. Nargis has given many superhit films. On the death anniversary of his mother, Sanjay Dutt shared some pictures of his childhood and youthful days and talked about missing her.

After the death of his mother, Sanjay Dutt started feeling quite depressed. On the death anniversary of Nargis, Sanjay Dutt has made an emotional post for his late mother. He has written, ‘Miss you mother, even though you are not there today, I always feel your presence. We have kept you in our hearts and your memories have kept us alive. Love you mom.


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He remained closest to his mother as long as she lived.

In the first of these pictures, Sanjay Dutt is seen very young and the subsequent two pictures are from his youthful days. One thing is clear from these pictures that Sanjay used to be very close to his mother. Sanjay has also told these things in his interview that as long as his mother was there, he remained closest to her. He was a little afraid of his father. This was probably exactly the same as shown in the movie ‘Munnabhai’.

Sunil Dutt was a big fan of Nargis

Let us tell you that during the days when Nargis was a famous personality of Bollywood, Sunil Dutt used to work in radio. It is said that once when he had to interview Nargis, he became very nervous. It is said that Sunil was a big fan of Nargis. Later Sunil Dutt also entered films and gradually their friendship turned into love and then both of them got married.

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