People were surprised to see this old picture of Rishi Kapoor, asked- Is Alia Bhatt in his lap?

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Today, on April 30, 2024, four years have passed since Rishi Kapoor passed away, but he is still alive in the hearts of his fans. People talk and narrate his stories a lot every day. However, currently the discussion is about an old picture with Rishi Kapoor, which people are surprised to see. Actually, in this throwback photo, there is a child in Rishi Kapoor’s lap which is being said to be Ranbir Kapoor, but many people are calling it Alia Bhatt.

On the fourth death anniversary of Rishi Kapoor, not only his family but also his fans are remembering him a lot. At present, people are not taking their eyes off an old picture of the actor on social media. It has been said that in this picture Rishi Kapoor is seen with his son Ranbir Kapoor, but people do not seem ready to accept it.

People said- Alia Bhatt was seen in Rishi Kapoor’s lap

Some social media users say that this is Alia Bhatt in Rishi Kapoor’s lap. Most people say this. One has said- I am not the only one who feels that she is Alia Bhatt. Some people have said that this is Ranbir Kapoor and in childhood he also looked a bit like Alia.

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‘Riddhima, you looked exactly like your sister-in-law Alia’

However, some people say that it is not Ranbir but Rishi Kapoor’s daughter Riddhima. Many users have written – Riddhima, you looked exactly like your sister-in-law Alia in childhood.

Riddhima has shared father’s picture

Let us tell you that Riddhima Kapoor has shared this picture on Instagram story, missing her father on his death anniversary. Riddhima has shared this picture and written – Those we love never go away, they are always present around us.

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