Video: Ranbir Kapoor was seen enjoying the song ‘Pehle Bhi Main’ from ‘Animal’ on the piano, Alia Bhatt shot the video

By Ronit Kawale 2 Min Read

A piano playing artist has shared a video on social media in which Ranbir Kapoor is seen enjoying. It is said that this video has been recorded by Alia herself and the artist has thanked her for capturing this beautiful moment.

Ranbir Kapoor’s recently released film ‘Animal’, as much as it was successful at the box office, also had to face a lot of criticism and it cannot be denied that the song of this film has become very popular. Especially ‘Pehle Bhi Main’ which has been filmed between Ranbir and Trupti Dimri. With this song, Ranbir and Trupti have completely captured the hearts and minds of music lovers. Now a video is going viral on social media in which Ranbir Kapoor is sitting with a piano player and enjoying the song of his film.


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Alia Bhatt recorded the video

This video has been shared from the Instagram post of Gujarat’s famous pianist and music composer Obins Artman. In this video, he is seen playing the tune of the song ‘Pehle Bhi Main’ on the piano. In the video, Ranbir is seen sitting close to her and enjoying the musical version of the song. This video has been recorded by none other than his wife Alia.


‘Thank you Alia, for shooting this video for me’

While sharing this video, the piano artist has written, ‘Thank you Alia, for shooting this video for me. Ranbir Kapoor is with me (Animal’s song Pehle Bhi Main). He has called this occasion a memorable moment.

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