Why Did Kapil Sharma Exit from Netflix? The Great Indian Kapil Show

By Ronit Kawale 6 Min Read

A comedy show named Kapil Sharma’s The Great Indian Kapil Show was started on Netflix. Netflix had repeatedly said in this show that this show is being watched in 190 countries. Now a show which was shown in 190 countries has stopped in just five episodes. Let us know why this happened and what could have been the reason behind it.

This show could not get as much rating as was expected from it, it is being said from Netflix that its first season is being ended and soon you will get to see its season 2. Why has Kapil’s show, which has been liked by everyone for 12 years, gone into loss? There was a time when Kapil’s show was a big hit. Along with the show becoming a hit, Kapil also got a lot of money and Kapil planned to make a film. Kapil made a film and the name of the film was Firangi. But Firangi did not collect much at the box office and the film proved to be a complete flop.

Kapil again became active in his comedy drama show. Now when Kapil announced that he is going to bring his show on Netflix, then people felt that we will get to see something different in the show. This show is available only in Hindi. It was on Netflix, but Netflix repeatedly said that this show is being shown in 190 countries.

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There was no harm of any kind in this that Netflix brought new flavor in its content but Netflix did not have any content, Netflix adopted the same worn out formula in Kapil’s show, meaning we got the same old characters and the same old jokes this time. Also seen in Kapil’s show.

This time Sunil Grover gave a very poor performance. Looking at Sunil and Kapil, it seemed that they were working only for money and they were no longer enjoying this work.

Archana Puran Singh’s poor performance in the show
There was a time when Archana used to be a great judge in the show. Not only did she make everyone laugh but she also used to give her feedback which should be done as a judge but this time I feel like this every time I see Archana in the show. She seemed to be a fake and was agreeing to everything Kapil said. It seemed as if even he knew that what she was doing was fake. There is a huge difference between laughing on a real line and laughing forcefully, which today’s audience knows very well. It has also been seen many times that Archana is seen talking loudly even with her senior actor.

This show was available on Netflix in 190 countries, but the number of people watching it would not be as much as it was watched on Sony in India.

Kapil charges so much money for one episode
Kapil Sharma has charged Rs 5 crore from Netflix for one episode. For 5 episodes, Rs 26 crore and one crore extra, Sharma ji has recovered from Netflix. Sunil Grover charges Rs 25 lakh per episode and Archana Puran charges Rs 10 Lack per episode. The cast of the show was huge and the viewership was not that much.

In Kapil Sharma’s show of Netflix, the comedian was seen doing everything except comedy. Now it will happen that Kapil will again go to Sony TV and the show will be launched there again and he will now be laughingly criticizing Netflix. Will be visible.

Kapil doesn’t have an audience on Netflix.
Kapil’s biggest mistake was that he launched his show on Netflix while the viewers of his show are TV watchers, perhaps the viewers of his show do not even know what Netflix is. How did Netflix work? They would think that there is a channel named Netflix.

On which Kapil’s show has started coming. The audience of his show is cable watchers who watch his show and laugh. Kapil made the mistake here that he left his old audience and went to a new place. After this, the second mistake was that he showed the same thing on OTT which was shown on TV and did not update anything, he showed the same clichéd comedy. . It can also be said that Kapil had packaged his product very well but the quality was not visible in his product and the product was a flop.

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