Ratna Pathak Shah Rupali Ganguly reunites as Maya and Monisha from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, watch video

By Ronit Kawale 3 Min Read

The iconic mother-in-law pair of Ratna Pathak Shah and Rupali Ganguly is back as Maya Sarabhai and Monisha. One of the most loved television characters from the popular show ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’ has reunited this time for an advertisement for online shopping platform Flipkart.

The new ad featuring Maya Sarabhai and Monisha

The ad features Ratna Pathak Shah and Rupali Ganguly dressed as their characters from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Ratna, as Maya Sarabhai, wears a beautiful saree, boat-neck blouse and blunt cut hairstyle, while Rupali, as Monisha Sarabhai, wears a red salwar suit with an off-white dupatta. They are in a store where Maya lists a bunch of discounted grocery items, humorously claiming that they are from Monisha’s maika (parents’ house).

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Monisha explains to Maya that all items are discounted due to an ongoing offer on Flipkart. She jokingly refers to a jar of peanut butter as “peanut chutney”, causing Maya to roll her eyes. The ad concludes with the two characters dancing together to celebrate the Flipkart deal.

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The Internet Reacts

Social media users couldn’t keep calm after seeing the iconic couple share the screen again, even if it was just for an advertisement. One user wrote, ‘Saw Monisha and Maya together after such a long time.’

Another commented, “Mummy ji and Monisha 💚❤️”

About Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai first premiered in 2004 on Star One and its first season ended in 2006. The show was renewed for a new season (Take 2) in 2017 on Disney+ Hotstar. Written by Aatish Kapadia and directed by him along with Deven Bhojani, it was produced by Jamnadas Majethia’s Hats Off Productions. The cast also included Satish Shah, Sumeet Raghavan and Rajesh Kumar as Indravardhan, Sahil and Rosesh Sarabhai respectively. Maya was portrayed as an upper-class socialite, while her daughter-in-law Monisha was portrayed as a middle-class housewife.

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