Panchayat: The haunted tree had become a tough task, Prahlad Chacha was about to leave the web series

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Everyone is eagerly waiting for Prime Video’s most popular web series ‘Panchayat’, but this wait is about to end now. Just one more day, on 28 May 2024, this show will knock on the OTT platform. You will once again reach Phulera village in UP. Where ‘Panchayat’ secretary Abhishek Tripathi will be facing all kinds of problems in the village. Pradhan Manju Devi and Pradhanpati Raghubir Yadav will be worried about their daughter’s marriage. The village will be filled with laughter of Prahlad Chacha aka Faisal Malik and Vikas aka Chandan Roy. Whatever the story, but these characters have made their place in the hearts of the audience. We have brought some such stories related to this show for you, which are very interesting. You would hardly know that the trees brought from the local market for the star cast were torn and you would hardly know that everyone was exhausted in finding that ‘haunted’ tree. So without any delay, read these 10 interesting things.

300 villages were searched, only then the village was found

panchayat phulera village
The clothes brought for the cast of ‘Panchayat’ were torn

‘Panchayat’s Phulera village was found with great difficulty According to media reports, it was very difficult to find the right place for the ‘Panchayat‘ office. After searching 300 villages and more than two weeks, the right village was found, but it was not easy for the shooting members to reach there. In such a situation, the production had to build many roads in the village, only then the team could reach there and shoot.

The clothes brought from the market were torn

panchayat season 3
Clothes brought from the market were torn

Since the show depicts a village setting, clothes for all the star cast were bought from the local market to show authenticity, but as soon as the cheap clothes were washed, they all shrunk and got damaged. Then the costume designer had to find cheap looking branded clothes.

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Prahlad Chacha did not want to act

panchayat 3 on prime
Prahlad uncle did not want to act

Producer Faisal Malik, who plays Prahlad Chacha in the series, was reluctant to return to acting. But the writers and directors, who were fans of his cameo in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, finally convinced him.

Wearing a sweater in the scorching heat

panchayat 3
sweater worn in summer

Just as the scorching heat has wreaked havoc in almost every state, the temperature was 40 degrees in that scene too, when the Republic Day scene was being shot. But since Republic Day falls on 26th January and the weather in India is cold at that time, the cast had to wear sweaters, even though everyone was troubled by the heat.

Finding the haunted tree for Panchayat had become a tough job

There is a mention of a haunted tree in one of the episodes. Finding this tree turned out to be a tough job. Even after half the show was shot, no one was able to find the huge tree. The entire team used to set out in different directions on every break day to find this tree. Finally, at the end of the schedule, the team found this tree and the sequence was shot in two nights.

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