Gautam Gambhir reveals that Shah Rukh Khan fails in one thing, ‘when it comes to’

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Shah Rukh Khan’s team’s mega win in the Indian Premier League 2024 was well received as the Kolkata Knight Riders lifted the trophy after ten years. While the team was consistent in its performances, team owner Shah Rukh Khan and mentor Gautam Gambhir must be credited for their combined efforts to support and cheer for the team. Moreover, both Shah Rukh and Gautam are known to share a unique bond and recently, the former KKR captain opened up about the same.

Gautam Gambhir praises Shah Rukh Khan for personally mingling with each player of the team

In a recent interaction with Sportskeeda Cricket, Gautam Gambhir spoke about his team Kolkata Knight Riders’ spectacular victory and the way the team’s owner Shah Rukh Khan celebrated the victory. Gautam spoke about how Shah Rukh has built a very special relationship and unique rapport with every player in the team and all the players treat him the same way. Gautam said that the team’s past defeats are now being balanced with great successes:

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“Of course there is [an individual bond]He has been emotionally attached to this team for so long. The team has seen a lot of ups and downs, gone through bad times and good times as well. So when you go through bad times, you want to enjoy the good days. There should be a bond.”

Gautam Gambhir
Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir said, Shahrukh never behaves like a boss in front of his team

Speaking in a similar vein, Gautam Gambhir said that Shah Rukh Khan has never behaved like a boss in front of his team and thrown tantrums. On the contrary, the cricketer pointed out that Shah Rukh Khan himself has been a sportsman and has always respected the pressure put on the team members. In his words:

“As an owner, you don’t have to behave like an owner, you want to behave like a team member. You don’t have to behave like an owner, you can behave like a player as well. Players are vulnerable and they are in a profession where they are judged every day and in a place where there are no retakes. And when your owner knows there are no retakes, and you are in a high-intensity and high-pressure situation, that bond is important.”

Shahrukh Khan

Gautam Gambhir told the one thing that Shahrukh Khan failed to do

In the last part of the interview, Gautam Gambhir shared a funny anecdote about Shahrukh Khan. He told that Shahrukh Khan is a successful person and has countless successes to his name. However, Gautam also told where Shahrukh Khan has failed. He said hilariously:

“Shahrukh bhai has been very successful in his life and he will be successful in the future too, but the only place where he has failed is in making me dance. He has not been successful in making me dance and he will not be successful in the future too, because I can neither sing nor dance.”

Shahrukh Khan

When Gautam Gambhir revealed that Shah Rukh Khan never questioned his decisions as KKR captain

Earlier, in a conversation on KKR’s official YouTube channel, Gautam Gambhir recalled his captaincy days for Kolkata Knight Riders. He said how Shah Rukh Khan, being the owner of the team, never questioned the decisions taken by the cricketer as captain for even a day. Calling the actor the best boss ever, Gautam Gambhir revealed that Shah Rukh trusted him to take decisions and never forced anything on him.


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