Juhi Parmar faced casting couch, was asked to ‘compromise’ by wearing a two-piece bikini

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Juhi Parmar is undoubtedly one of the finest actresses of Indian television who has mesmerized everyone with her versatile acting skills. But apart from that, the diva has won innumerable hearts for her fearless choices in life and her ability to get her point across. Juhi, who was previously married to actor Sachin Shroff, has been raising her daughter Samaira single-handedly since then and she never shies away from inspiring everyone with tales from her tough journey. Recently, she recalled facing a tough challenge in her professional life.

Juhi Parmar says she was asked to ‘compromise’ on wearing a two-piece bikini

Juhi Parmar has been a veteran of the television industry for quite some time now and has seen both the ups and downs of working in such a dynamic field. Recently, while speaking to Hauterfly, she recalled her 17-year-old days when she had just entered the world of showbiz. At that time, a channel approached her for a music video in which she had to wear a two-piece bikini. Juhi immediately rejected the offer, but the makers asked her tough questions about her work methods and if she wanted to survive in the competitive industry without any compromise. Recalling it, Juhi said:

“There is this word called compromise. If you don’t do this then you wonder whether you will be able to survive or not.”

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Juhi recalled that once again she met the producer, who asked her to compromise by wearing a bikini

Adding to this revelation, Juhi Parmar revealed how later in her life, after achieving tremendous success, she again met the producer who had asked her to compromise by wearing a two-piece bikini, which she had refused. The actress said that on meeting the person again, she felt so confident that she told him how she had survived in the industry without compromising even once. In her words:

“Sir, I did not compromise and I am surviving very well. And this car is my own.”


Juhi told whether she is looking for a new partner in her life?

In the second part of the same interview, Juhi was asked what it takes for her to find a new partner in her life now. The diva revealed that every person in the world needs a partner and she is no different. However, there are certain points on which she does not want to compromise at all. Speaking on them, Juhi candidly said that she will bring a partner in her life only when her daughter Samaira is comfortable with him.


When Juhi Parmar gave a befitting reply to people who judge her for being a single parent

Earlier, through one of her social media posts, Juhi Parmar gave a befitting reply to trolls who accused the actress of being a single-mother to her daughter Samaira. The diva shared happy pictures with her baby girl and wrote a caption which read as follows:

“Remember that the number of hands that you have in solo parenting may be less, but my hands are increased, my responsibility is doubled! But I will leave no stone unturned like any other single parent… so accept and put your judgement away!”


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