Deepak Tijori Clarifies Viral Statement About Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan

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Recently, he is in discussion about his upcoming film ‘Tippasi’. During the promotion of this film, the actor shared an old anecdote which was related to his debut film. The actor had given a statement related to Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh and now Deepak is very hurt by the news going on in the media. Deepak Tijori has given clarification on his statement.

Recently Deepak Tijori had given a statement and he had said that stars like Shahrukh, Saif Ali Khan, Salman were going to make a cameo in his film ‘Pehla Nasha’. In that cameo scene, all the stars were to be shown attending a film premiere. Deepak Tijori’s statement that came out recently said that when Saif was leaving for a cameo shoot, his wife (then) Amrita Singh had stopped him. It was said that Deepak was quite surprised because of this. Years ago, this news spread like wildfire in the media that in those days, Amrita had stopped Saif from doing a cameo in the actor’s film. Now the actor has expressed disappointment over those news.


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Said- My words have been distorted

He has said in his statement that his words have been distorted. Finally, now he has clarified his statement and clarified the meaning of his statement. Deepak said, ‘I would like to clear something. What I said recently has been misinterpreted and distorted. I was asked how I was able to bring so many stars together in the premiere scene of the film Pehla Nasha? To this I replied, we were all friends. That’s why we all supported each other in every possible way.

Deepik again narrated those things said by Amrita

He further said, ‘After this I had said, when Saif was getting ready, Amrita had asked him where he was going? To which Saif replied that he was going to shoot the premiere scene in Deepak’s film. On this Amrita had said- What’s the matter, the artists of your generation are quite different. We never supported each other like this. Your friendship will have to be acknowledged.

Deepak told- what was the real meaning of his statement

He said that that was the meaning of his statement, but everyone wrote that Amrita had refused to support Saif. Deepak said- This is not true at all.

‘People made it such a bad headline’

The actor said, ‘Amrita is a beautiful and vivacious woman. She has been supporting every actor a lot but people made it such a bad headline. When I woke up, I felt very sad reading all the things I never said.

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