Panchayat actress Sunita Rajwar says supporting cast is ‘treated like animals’

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The glamorous side of the entertainment industry often masks the dark underbelly of the world. Lead actors enjoy many benefits that come with fame, but this is not true for many character artistes and television actors. Sunita Rajwar, best known for her role in the popular web series ‘Panchayat’, spoke about the unjust hierarchy that prevails in the industry. In a recent interview, the veteran actor said that actors who appear in smaller roles are “treated like animals.” Rajwar also revealed that she had taken a break from acting for two years after facing poor treatment.

Panchayat actress Sunita Rajwar says supporting actors are “treated like animals”

These days Sunita Rajwar is representing her film ‘Santosh’ in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes. During a conversation with Brute India from the event, he revealed that the entertainment industry generally typecasts actors. He explained that this process helps producers slot them, and even actors admit it because sometimes they can’t afford to be selective.

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The veteran actor, who has spent two decades in the industry, said that supporting actors are discriminated against and lead actors get all the facilities.

She said she understands that the lead actors have to shoot for the entire month. She said, “The lead actors are given time as per their convenience.”

“If you know you are not shooting with a particular artiste, call them later. What is the need to make them sit? It’s like you’re trying to tear others down,” she said.

Sunita Rajwar reveals the conditions on television sets

Rajwar also spoke about the things that happen on TV sets and said, “Lead actors are pampered. Their room will be clean, they will have a fridge, microwave. Whereas for others like us, we will have a small dirty room. They will seat 3-4 people. The ceiling is falling. There is no clean bathroom. Your bedsheet will be dirty. Seeing all this, I always felt very bad.”

The actress told that after many such experiences she left the industry and also canceled her CINTAA card. “When you do small roles, you don’t get respect, you don’t get paid well, you are treated like animals, which is very sad,” she said.

Talking about acting, Sunita Rajwar is known for her roles in web series like ‘Gullak’ and ‘Panchayat’. She was last seen in the second season of ‘Panchayat’.

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