Britney Spears Reportedly Leaves Hotel Barefoot Wrapped in Bedsheet After Heated Fight With Boyfriend

By Ronit Kawale 4 Min Read

A picture of Britney Spears is currently being discussed on social media. In this picture, Yami Singer is seen wrapped in a bedsheet. It is reported that she had a huge fight with her boyfriend Richard Celis in a hotel in Los Angeles and she came out in the same condition she was in.

42-year-old Britney was seen coming out of the posh Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles on Thursday morning, where some people also took her photo. A report of a woman being injured has also come from the emergency service. In the picture viral on social media, Brittany has covered her body with a bedsheet. She is also seen under a lot of stress in these glimpses. Even the people present there found that he did not even have slippers on his feet.

Britney Spears made a surprising post about her mother

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Spears left her room without clothes and slippers

Now seeing such a famous and popular singer outside the hotel has become a matter of concern. According to TMZ report, Britney’s argument with her boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz became so heated that Spears left her room without clothes and slippers. It is reported that his legs are also injured.

Brittany was wrapped in a blanket and covered herself with a pillow

An ambulance was called to the scene of the incident. Los Angeles Emergency Department official Brian Humphrey told Page Six that an ambulance arrived at the complex around 1:00 a.m. and the police department was not called. He told that Brittany was wrapped in a blanket and her hair was scattered. She had covered herself with a pillow and was seen leaving the hotel barefoot. It is said that an ambulance was called at the hotel but she did not board it.

Said- I know my mother was involved in this!

Now Brittany has made a post a few hours ago. In that he has also written a lot about his mother. He has said, ‘I know my mother was involved in this! I have not spoken to him for 6 months and he called just before the news came out. He further wrote, ‘I was set up in the same way as they had done long ago. I wish I had grandparents, I can’t stand them. Honestly, I don’t care about them. This man is amazing, he is like a father to me and he took care of me last night. I respect and admire you Mr. Mathew.

Britney wrote a post and said- this news is fake

Before this, Brittany made a post and said, ‘This post is just to let people know that this news is fake. I would love for people to understand at this time that I am getting stronger every day. Truth is useless and can anyone teach me to lie?’ He said, ‘My ankle got twisted in the night, the paramedics (those providing emergency medical care) came to my door illegally, although they did not come into the room but I felt very upset.’

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