Badshah wants to end the fight with Honey Singh after 15 years, said in the crowd

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Badshah and Honey Singh are two of the biggest names in the music industry. The two were once great friends, but they had a huge fallout a decade ago and since then, they have been taunting each other at every opportunity. However, it seems that Badshah is ready to put aside his differences and extend a friendly hand to Honey Singh. Badshah was recently performing at Graffest 2024 in Dehradun, where he took a break in the middle of the show and told the crowd that he wants to resolve his grudge with Honey Singh. He said that there was a time in his life when he was angry at Honey Singh but now he has overcome it and wants to make a new beginning. Badshah said, ‘There was a time in my life when I had a grudge against one person and now, I want to end it and leave that hatred behind – and that is Honey Singh.’

Why did the friendship between Honey Singh and Badshah break?

Badshah further added that there were misunderstandings between him and Honey Singh which led to their fight. However, with time he realised that there were many people who tried to separate them but there were only a few who genuinely wanted to resolve them. He wished Honey all the best for his future and announced that he doesn’t want to fight anymore.

Badshah wants to end the misunderstanding

Badshah further said, ‘I was sad due to some misunderstanding, but when we were together I realised, ‘jodane vaale bahut kam the, todane vaale bahut the’. Today, I just want to tell everyone that I have left that phase behind and I wish them all the best.’

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The fight started with ‘Maafi Munde’

Badshah and Honey Singh were part of the famous band ‘Maafi Munde’ where their fight actually started. According to reports, the two had a dispute over credits and the issue escalated and Honey left the band to focus on his career. This feud had a major impact on their careers, both the artists had to face challenges and failures. Later when Badshah tried to contact Honey Singh, he ignored him and disappeared.

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