Arijit Singh Cutting Nails On Stage During Live Concert, Netizens Found It Unprofessional

By Ronit Kawale 3 Min Read

Arijit Singh is one of those singers who has been receiving a lot of love from fans all over the world. Perhaps this is the reason why even a star like Salman Khan forgot his grievances against him. Never before has anyone raised a finger against Arijit Singh on social media, but this time things have gone a bit wrong. Arijit Singh has done something during the Dubai concert, seeing which people are not only angry but are also calling the singer very unprofessional. Let us tell you what the singer actually did on stage.

Arijit Singh had come to Dubai to attend the concert and the video there is now viral on social media. In this video, while performing on stage, Arijit suddenly starts cutting his nails with a nail cutter. Now not only were the spectators present there surprised, other people were also stunned after seeing the video on social media. Many people have called him unprofessional because of this.

People didn’t like it at all

At present, Arijit is the target of trolls and this has rarely happened before. Often when Arijit is shown living his personal life casually like a common public, seeing his style people praise him for being down to earth. People did not like what happened this time at all.

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People said- this is a completely unprofessional attitude

Here people have expressed their displeasure on Arijit after watching this video and have written – This is a completely unprofessional attitude. Another user wrote – They should have done this before the concert, this is very unprofessional and who brings nail cutters to the concert? crazy stuff. Another user wrote on social media – This is not called humility but it is uncleanliness. One person said angrily – go behind the stage and come back, this is not looking good.

People said- he was having difficulty playing the guitar

However, some die hard fans wrote for him – I was present there. He was having trouble playing the guitar and so he cut his nails. Another fan said- I think he did this so that he could tap his guitar a little better.

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