Why Tabu Is Not Married, despite being beautiful and talented, why 51 year old Tabu is not married?

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Tabu is a very beautiful actress of the film industry whose beauty is increasing with her age. Like her initial days, even today Tabu has the ability to make people slay with her style. Tabu started her film career in the year 1980, behind which Dev Anand ji was responsible to some extent. He made Tabu’s debut with his film Hum Naujawan.

After which Tabu became recognized as a good artist among the audience. Due to the single life of this actress, this actress often gets trapped in controversies and about the reason behind this, Tabu has made a new revelation that for the real reason behind Tabu remaining a bachelor till now, Tabu has talked to two such people. Fans are going to be shocked to hear their names.

Is Ajay Devgan really the reason for Tabu being unmarried?

A very beautiful actress of the industry, who is almost 52 years old, had shared in an interview given on her birthday that the reason behind her not getting married till now is Ajay Devgan, whereas Tabu is still a virgin. . Let us tell you one thing that the reason behind not getting married was that there was no affair between Ajay Devgan and Tabu, rather Ajay Devgan was like a good friend to Tabu and they both grew up together since childhood.

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Actually, Tabu’s cousin and Ajay were good friends and both of them were also neighbours. While maintaining their friendship, these two boys used to follow Tabu and in college, whenever any boy was seen talking to them, they were warned to hit him. Was. While promoting her film, Tabu had shared in the interview that if till date she has not found anyone as a life partner, then actually the reason behind it is Ajay Devgan and his cousin. The spying done by these two in their childhood did not give a chance to Tabu’s relationship with anyone to progress.

Tabu had revealed this in an interview given to Mumbai Mirror in 2017 during the promotion of her film Golmaal Again with Ajay Devgan. Deep friendship overshadows marriage –

Deep friendship weighs heavy on marriage –

There is a friendship between Tabu and Ajay Devgan for about 25 years and Tabu herself has told that Ajay Devgan and his cousin Sameer Arya were each other’s neighbors and also good friends. While maintaining their friendship, sister Tabu She used to spy on girls and used to scare boys with death threats, due to which till date this actress has not had a single relationship.
Tabu also told that the friendship between the two was the reason for their not getting married and nothing else.

Tabu was in many relationships but did not marry even one.

Tabu made many relationships in her life which passed with time and Tabu had to live alone in the last stages of her life. Tabu has had not one but three relationships, in which the relationship between Tabu and Sanjay Kapoor is the most famous, after which the relationship between Tabu and Sajid Nadiadwala came into the limelight and slowed down. Years later, the strong relationship between Tabu and Nagarjuna was a matter of joy for the fans, but after lasting for a few years, this relationship was also left behind and today Tabu is enjoying a happy life as a single lady.

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