Farah Khan reveals the ‘Kanjoos’ celeb of B-Town, says- Anil Kapoor refused to play the role of Sonam’s on-screen father

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Farah Khan is undoubtedly one of the popular names in Indian showbiz. Over the years, she has given audiences some of the most commercially successful films Om Shanti Om And The Tees Maar Khan, she has not limited himself to the silver screen and has recently started his own YouTube channel. And now, Farah Khan will soon grace the Netflix show, The Great Indian Kapil Show With Anil Kapoor.

Farah Khan told who is the most ‘miser’ person in the industry

According to several media reports, the popular choreographer-filmmaker revealed on Kapil’s show who is the most ‘Kanjoos’ person in Bollywood, when Kapil asked who was the stingiest among Farah and Anil. On this the filmmaker said that actually both of them are quite generous. However, she called the person she considered in the entire industry ‘stingy’. Farah told that the miser is none other than Chunky Pandey.

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“I can tell you who is the most Kanjoos in the industry. There is only one person. Chunky Pandey. I swear. Bring me my phone. I will call him and ask for Rs 500.”

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Then Farah called housefull The actor asked him to lend her Rs 500. She said, “Chunky, listen, I want Rs 500.” Chunky, who was on the loudspeaker, was heard saying, “Who do you want to talk to?” This conversation evoked laughter among the audience present during the show.

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Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor had some fun and light moments on Kapil Sharma’s show

Meanwhile, in the trailer, which Netflix India recently released on its social media platforms, Anil Kapoor is seen entering the premises of Kapil’s show and announcing “Welcome to The Great Indian Anil Kapoor Show”, leaving both Farah and Kapil shocked. Apart from this, the filmmaker has also shared some funny anecdotes about the acclaimed actor.

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Farah Khan reveals Anil Kapoor once refused to play father to her real-life daughter Sonam Kapoor

Anil Kapoor, who is appreciated by his fans and followers for his everlasting looks, once refused to play the role of father to his real-life daughter, Sonam Kapoor, on the big screen. While narrating her story, Farah said that Abbas-Mustan or someone had approached Anil to play the role of Sonam’s father. The filmmaker revealed that Anil had said, “What nonsense. How can I play Sonam’s father?” This caused a lot of laughter among the audience. Additionally, Krushna Abhishek was seen wearing the same lehenga-choli as Malaika Arora wore in the famous song. Chaiyya Chaiyya, This led the filmmaker to comment:

“You look more like Arbaaz Khan than Malaika.”

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