Rekha and Sadhana Danced with Glass on Their Head Before Bobby Deol in Animal Video Viral

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No one can forget that iconic scene of Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film ‘Animal’, in which Bobby Deol danced with a glass of liquor on his head. That dance step became so viral that reels and videos were made on it indiscriminately. In every interview, Bobby Deol was also asked from where did he get the idea of ​​dancing with a glass of liquor on his head. But you will be surprised to know that before Bobby Deol, Rekha and Sadhna had danced with a glass of liquor on their heads. Bobby Deol has done this now, but Rekha and Sadhna had done this feat decades ago. Rekha performed the song ‘Sasu Ji Tune Meri Kadar Na Jaani’ from the film ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’ released 36 years ago. But danced with a glass of liquor. This was Salman Khan’s first film. In this, Rekha and Farooq Shaikh were in lead roles, while Salman had a supporting role. His opposite in the film was Renu Arya. She was Salman’s first heroine and co-star.

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Video: Rekha danced with a glass on her head

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Sadhna also danced with a glass on her head

Before Rekha, Sadhna danced a lot with a glass of liquor on her head. In a song from the film ‘Intekaam’ released 55 years ago, Sadhna was seen dancing drunk and holding a glass on her head. Helen was also in it. Videos of Rekha and Sadhna dancing with glasses on their heads have surfaced, which are going viral on social media. Fans are also surprised and praising.


Fans said – Bobby Deol stole

One fan has written, ‘Bobby Deol has stolen this.’ Another fan has written, ‘Social media was not so active at that time, hence it did not go viral and Bobby Deol became in ‘Animal’.’ One user’s comment is – Whatever is happening now, Rekha ji has already done that. She is doing better than Bobby Deol and Nana Patekar.

Rekha is truly an evergreen beauty, people kept watching when the actress arrived at ‘Hiramandi’ premiere.

‘Animal’ was released in December 2023

Talking about ‘Animal’, Ranbir Kapoor was seen in the lead role in it. Apart from Ranbir and Bobby, the film also featured Rashmika Mandanna and Anil Kapoor. ‘Animal’, released on December 1, 2023, had bumper earnings.

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