Nancy Tyagi breaks down recalling mother’s struggle in factory

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After making India proud with her walk at the 77th International Cannes Film Festival, Nancy Tyagi shared unheard details of her life. She talked about the viral gown that grabbed the world’s attention. Not just that, she also spoke about her mother and her struggle of working in a factory, which gave her the courage to earn money. For those who don’t know, 23-year-old fashion influencer, Nancy Tyagi walked the red carpet of Cannes 2024 in a self-stitched pink gown.

Nancy Tyagi cried while talking about her mother’s struggle

Recently, Nancy Tyagi appeared on Ranveer Allahabadia’s podcast where she talked about her life so far and how she created a stir with one of her looks. Nancy also talked about her viral dance and said that she knew the bigger she made her dress, the more eyes she would get on the Cannes red carpet. Further in the podcast, Nancy said that she wanted to get her mother out of the factory. Nancy said that she didn’t want to make money; she just wanted her mother to stop going to work.

She said: “I did not want money, I just wanted to get mummy removed from work.”

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Nancy further said that her dream was to complete 12th and graduation. However, during the same time, her mother went to the factory, and she put aside her dream, and wanted to get her mother out of the factory. The fashion influencer also cried while talking about her mother.

She said: “My dream was sidelined. I knew I had to save my life. So yes, there was a danger inside, meaning I would have known there that someone’s hand got stuck in the machine today. So I was worried that this might happen to me… why am I crying… the house will also be built, everything will be done, now I am happy that Mummy is safe.”

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Early Life of Nancy Tyagi

23-year-old Nancy Tyagi was born in Barnawa village in Uttar Pradesh. She moved to New Delhi in the hope of passing the UPSC exam. However, the world was hit by a lockdown, which gave Nancy a chance to listen to her heart. Financial difficulties gave Nancy the idea of ​​creating fashion from scratch. Although she did not get success immediately, she worked hard and posted videos of her own stitched clothes for 1.5 years.

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