In the movie “Gupt,” actresses from “Khoon Bhari Maang” and “Karz” played roles of serial killers.

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Many such films were made in Bollywood in which deadly and destructive serial killers were seen, but in all these, mostly heroes or male figures were seen playing the role of serial killers. However, our actresses have also mastered it. Not from today but from years ago, heroines have been playing the role of serial killers on the big screen. Today we have selected his films only. Let us show you the list of where you can watch them on OTT.

Kamini in ‘Karz’


On the day of her wedding, Kamini Verma (Simi Grewal) crashes her jeep into her new husband Ravi, causing him to fall off the edge of a cliff. After many years, Ravi’s soul is reborn as rockstar Monty. After learning the truth behind Ravi’s murder, Monty wants to expose Kamini. She tries to kill Monty in the same way as she killed Ravi.

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Where to watch: ZEE5, Prime

Aarti in ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’

Rekha’s character in this revenge thriller starts off as a submissive woman who is betrayed by Kabir Bedi, who plays her villainous husband Sanjay. Sanjay throws her to the crocodiles but Aarti is saved. After plastic surgery, she has become a new woman. She comes back and avenges his death.

Where to watch: ZEE5

Anuradha in ‘Khal-Nayika’

Coincidentally, this film was released on the same day as Subhash Ghai’s ‘Khal Nayak’ was released. The title of this film does not hide the fact that its main lead is a woman. In ‘Khal-Nayika’, Anu Aggarwal’s character tries to take revenge from Jaya, the woman whom she held responsible for the death of her unborn child and husband. Anuradha turns Jaya’s children against herself and creates discord in another woman’s marriage, eliminating anyone who comes in her way.

Where to watch: YouTube

Isha in ‘Gupt’

In 1997, only a few people could tell the climax of ‘Gupta’. There is a female serial killer in it. When Bobby Deol is convicted of murder, he tries to find the real culprit of those crimes. He is completely unaware that his girlfriend Isha is behind the murders. When the truth comes out, Kajol arrives dressed all in black, with a dagger in her hand and a look of anger on her face.

Where to watch: ZEE5, Prime

Urmila Matondkar in ‘Kaun’

As the title of this Ram Gopal Varma thriller suggests, we never learn the name of the murderer. The lead role is played by Urmila Matondkar. The viewer is led to believe that she, a frightened young woman who is forced to leave her home, is a serial killer. However, as the two men fight each other in the film. No one doubts for a moment that the killer is actually female. The realization comes too late and by then the woman stabs him to death.

Where to watch: YouTube

Simi in ‘Andhadhun’

‘Andhadhun’ (2018) stars Simi (Tabu) as ‘Lady Macbeth’. When Ayushmann Khurrana becomes an unwitting witness to Simmi’s husband’s murder, she does anything to clear her name, from throwing an elderly neighbor off the edge of her apartment building to blinding Akash. Later, a lot happens that may surprise you.

Where to watch: YouTube, Zee5

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