Dua Arshad Viral 2-year-old ‘redhead baddie’ who is taking over the internet with her cuteness

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Dua Arshad, fondly called the ‘redhead baddie’, is uniting India and Pakistan in a way no other diplomat ever can. The two-year-old is a true sensation and the whole internet is hooked to her savage replies in the social media videos run by her family. Her fiery personality and innocence have won the hearts of people, who are in love with the cuteness and chipmunk-like voice of this little girl. Now, without further ado, let’s find out more about this redhead baddie who has inadvertently surpassed all social media influencers.

Meet Muhammad Arshad, also known as ‘Zainab ke papa’

Muhammad Arshad is a digital creator and social media influencer from rural Pakistan who makes videos for Instagram and YouTube with his family. His videos usually feature his wife Zainab Ki mummy, his eldest daughter Zainab, his middle son Muhammad and his youngest daughter Duaa. They usually show short videos like their daily life routine and some skits.

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Dua Arshad

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Every member of Muhammad Arshad’s family, including his son Muhammad and his eldest daughter Zainab, enjoys a huge fan base online. People love Zainab’s wonderful attitude towards her siblings and dutiful avatar towards her parents. On the other hand, netizens are going crazy over Muhammad’s cute voice and lisp. Similarly, Arshad’s wife, aka Zainab’s mother, also has a fan base of her own as she constantly argues with Dua over why Arshad is not called ‘Dua ke papa’.

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Dua Arshad, the ‘red headed baddie’ and star of the video

Now, coming to the real star of the video, Dua Arshad. The two-year-old has made everyone go crazy with her cuteness. And why not? Her cute antics, savage replies and helium-powered voice are the main elements of every video. Arshad reels mostly consist of scripted short videos and in each one of them, we see Dua as the ultimate sass queen and ruling over her family with her savage replies.

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Dua Arshad

Those who haven’t watched Dua’s videos on Instagram and YouTube yet are missing out. This cute girl is a great social media sensation who is unwittingly uniting India and Pakistan like no other diplomat or peace treaty can ever do. Not just that, Dua even has her own musical anthem created by an Indian artist.

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Indian musician Mayur Jumaani created a special track dedicated to Arshad Reels

Viral internet sensation, Dua and her family have their own song in India. Indian musician, Mayur Jumani has created a short musical track for Dua and her family, mixing all the iconic dialogues of the family. The song is titled Zainab ke Papa And it shows the constant fighting in the family over how to address Muhammad Arshad. It also includes Dua’s cruel replies and crowning her the ultimate ‘redhead baddie’.

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For those who are wondering why Dua is called the ‘red-head baddie’, the reason is her unique red hair which is always tied in a pony. She is called bad because she is very outspoken and quick to reply. She doesn’t even spare her parents and answers them immediately. In an interview, Arshad revealed that Dua actually has a child-like voice but they use sound enhancing tools while editing to give her the signature high-pitched voice.

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We are in awe of Dua’s beauty and family antics. What do you think?

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