Dolly Singh unfollows BFF Kusha Kapila, but still follows her ex-husband Zorawar on Instagram

By Ronit Kawale 3 Min Read

Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh are the iconic social media influencer couple who started their career together and climbed the ladder of success. Over the years, the two have stood by each other through the ups and downs of life and have established themselves as one of the most stable friend duo in the industry. However, it seems that even their friendship could not stand the test of time and they had a falling out.

Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh have unfollowed each other on Instagram

While scrolling through our Reddit account, we came across a post which said that Dolly and Kusha have unfollowed each other. Upon further investigation, we found out that, in fact, the two unfollowed each other, which came as a shock as they were actually good friends and even colleagues. When we were looking at Dolly’s Instagram, we found another thing which surprised us.

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Although Dolly has unfollowed her dear friend Kusha, she still follows her ex-husband Zorawar Ahluwalia. It seems like Dolly chose Zorawar over Kusha and clearly took a side. However, Kusha and Dolly have maintained silence on the matter and have not said anything about their broken friendship.

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Netizens react to Kusha and Dolly’s broken friendship

The news of Kusha and Dolly unfollowing each other on Instagram came as a shock to all their fans. However, some people also commented that they feel this way because there was some awkwardness going on between the two for quite some time. Another user said that Dolly is still following Zorawar, which tells a lot about her stance on the whole chaos of divorce between Zorawar and Kusha.

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Rumor has it that Kusha Kapila is dating comedian Anurag Bassi.

There is talk in the air about Kusha Kapila’s love life, with unconfirmed reports suggesting her romantic involvement with comedian Anurag Bassi. A post on Reddit is going viral, where a user has claimed that a source close to the two has revealed that they are in a romantic relationship. Another user shared that the couple were together in Goa during New Year and looked quite close, and onlookers could tell there was something going on between them. However, there has been no official confirmation from either of them regarding the dating speculations of Kusha and Bassi. The secrecy surrounding their relationship only adds to the intrigue.

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Tell us your thoughts on Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh unfollowing each other.

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