Katrina Kaif once said Shah Rukh Khan was ‘lucky’ to kiss her in ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, netizens react

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Katrina Kaif is one of the most talked about actresses of her time. Since her debut, she has been continuously working in films one after the other. She was last seen in the film, merry christmas with Vijay Sethupathi. And now for a few days Katrina has been in the headlines due to her pregnancy rumours as she was reportedly spotted in London where she was trying her best to hide her baby bump from the public eye.

Katrina Kaif once said that Shah Rukh Khan was lucky to kiss her.

Now an old interview of Katrina Kaif has surfaced on social media, in which she has talked about the kissing scene between her and Shah Rukh Khan in the film. As long as there is life Directed by Yash Chopra and released in 2012. During the promotions of the film, Katrina was asked if she feels lucky that Shah Rukh broke his years-old no-kissing policy and kissed her in the film. To this, she gave a funny reply that left her fans mesmerized. In her words:

“Who said that I am lucky? He is lucky.”

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Netizens react to Katrina’s kissing statement

A Reddit user shared Katrina’s interview on the discussion forum, and soon, netizens started reacting to it. Later, the video was removed, but the comments are still pouring in. Reacting to the same, a user wrote, “Lol she’s absolutely right”, while another mentioned, “She’s not wrong but it was one of the worst kisses ever. Don’t know why Shah Rukh did that.”

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Shahrukh Khan broke his policy of not doing on-screen kissing scenes for Yash Chopra’s film.

Shah Rukh maintained a no-kissing on-screen rule for a long time, until he broke his own self-imposed rule in the film. As long as I am alive. According to several reports, he did so on the request of his mentor and famous filmmaker Yash Chopra. According to Shah Rukh, he has only two rules for his films, one is that he does not like to ride a horse on screen, and second, a no lip-kissing policy. He has stated in several interviews that he finds both these things very uncomfortable in front of hundreds of people, where everyone is giving instructions about acting and performance.

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Katrina Kaif’s pregnancy rumours with Vicky Kaushal

Talking about personal life, Katrina Kaif is currently in London and fans are speculating that she is expecting her first child with her husband Vicky Kaushal. A few days ago, a Reddit user posted a video of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif strolling in Baker Street, London. In the clip, Katrina wore a casual sweatshirt paired with denim pants and a comfy jacket. Vicky was seen holding his wife’s hand and protecting her from being pushed by passersby. However, it was Katrina’s baby bump that caught everyone’s attention and fuelled rumours of her pregnancy. Soon, netizens started reacting to it.

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