Wedding photographer reveals how he wasn’t allowed to eat ‘shaadi ka khanna’ at a wedding

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Indian weddings are no less than a big festival which is celebrated with great pomp. Indian people believe in spending a lot of money during weddings. Home wedding. From Sabyasachi Mukherjee lehengas to a gorgeous wedding venue and a perfect photographer who can capture all the candid moments, these are the highlights of every wedding checklist. Modern Indian Shaadi Now limited to photos only. Everyone wants to capture their best moments so that they can post them on social media or frame them for posterity, which has led to a boom in the wedding photography industry.

More and more photographers are using high-end equipment to record the best moments on their DSLR cameras and with fully trained teams (with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees) engaged in their work, wedding photography is as simple as any film. Nothing less than direction. Nowadays, more and more shots are planned, and post-production efforts take hours. This is the main reason why wedding photographers charge in lakhs. Still, some of them were treated badly at weddings, and even refused to eat. wedding dinnerWhich gave rise to debate about right and wrong.

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A wedding photographer shares the disgusting experience she had with a client who refused to serve her food wedding dinner

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Imagine working late nights and early mornings to make another person’s day a memorable moment, and then you are refused food at the venue. Well, this happened with a wedding photography company, who posted his experience on his IG handle. The clip began with visuals of the delicious food served to the guests. As the video progressed, the man revealed that the client directly asked them not to serve the wedding guests food. Instead, he ordered packed food for them, leaving the photographer worried about basic etiquette.

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The photographer further asked how many other photographers have also gone through this. And he also raised the question of giving them due respect. The photographer captioned the video as:

“Making sure everyone’s needs are met, even the unsung heroes behind the lens.”

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Internet divided over photographer’s concerns

This video was posted a week ago and has created a huge buzz. Some users claimed that photographers charge huge sums, somewhere in lakhs, while others suggested taking home food. Some people even claimed that it ‘eat food‘. A user wrote, “Family buffet should not include photographers as it is their private event but providing them good food separately is not disrespect. As we can see the packed food is also good, please do not have such expectations, you are at work and you are there. There are very few people who get food at work, so this is not a valid explanation.

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Another user highlighted that the wedding food cost around Rs 1.5k to 2k, commenting, “I felt bad seeing this but after seeing all the comments where the food cost 15k to 20k extra! This is not a small amount, either you discount the same amount in your fee or pack your own food with you, on your part you feel it is disrespect but on the other hand they can spend 15k on other things.

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What do you think about wedding photographers not paying? wedding dinner, Although it’s a matter of etiquette, there are still many unsung heroes, like the makeup team, who get it bride are ready, they should also attend the wedding and eat the food, or the caterers and waiters, who work hard to serve food to every guest with a big smile on their face. We truly believe that all jobs are respectable.

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