Srikanth Box Office Collection Day 1: Rajkummar Rao Film Gives Hope. ‘Maidaan’ Bade Miyan Chote Miyan Collapses on Day 30

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Rajkummar Rao’s ‘Srikanth’ has done decent business at the box office on the first day. It would not be wrong to say that this film has lived up to the expectations on its release date on Friday. Amidst the crowd of films which are continuously proving to be disasters, Srikanth said that this biopic is like a ray of hope. This is a film which is made in a low budget and has the power to reach the audience on the basis of its story, acting and making. In such a situation, by earning more than Rs 2 crore on the opening day, ‘Srikanth’ has raised hopes that in future it can show wonders like Vikrant Massey’s ’12th Fail’.

Two films were released at the box office on Friday, May 10. Bollywood’s ‘Srikanth’ and Hollywood’s ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’, these two films together have done a business of more than Rs 5 crore. This earning is at a time when big films like ‘Maidan’ and ‘Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan’ released on Eid have also proved to be disasters.

Box office collection of ‘Srikanth’

According to the report of sacnilk, ‘Srikanth’, directed by Tushar Hiranandani, has collected a net collection of Rs 2.25 crore in the country on the first day. The entire responsibility of this film is on word of mouth. The good thing is that the audience coming out after watching the film is also praising it. In such a situation, there are full indications of increase in the film’s earnings in the weekend. On Friday, ‘Srikanth’ shows had audiences in 16 out of 100 seats in theatres. The film has made a worldwide gross collection of Rs 2.65 crore on the first day.

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How much did ‘The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ earn?

On the other hand, ‘The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ of the ‘Planet of the Apes’ franchise has also made a good start. This film has made a net collection of Rs 3.15 crore on the first day in India. The audience occupancy of this film is also more or less the same as that of ‘Srikanth’.

‘Srikanth’s earnings will increase in the weekend, can do wonders

There is one more thing to be noted here. Since the Eid release, the audience is not getting to see anything new and powerful in theatres. ‘Srikanth’ is a clean and inspiring film, which is generally liked by the family audience. In such a situation, this film can get big benefits in the coming days. Another thing is that its earnings on the opening day are much ahead of films like ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Madgaon Express’. There is no big competition in front of ‘Srikanth’ at the box office. That means it has an opportunity to earn money freely.

‘Maidan’ and BMCM together earn Rs 25 lakh on 30th day

Amidst all this, ‘Maidan’ and ‘Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan’, which were crawling in theaters for a month, have now become even more battered. The situation is that both these films released on Eid together have earned Rs 25 lakh on the 30th day. Among these, ‘Maidan’ has collected Rs 20 lakh and ‘Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan’ has collected Rs 5 lakh. In 30 days, ‘Maidan’, made for Rs 235 crore, has done a total business of Rs 50.35 crore, while BMCM, made for Rs 350 crore, has done a business of Rs 64.8 crore.

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