Rekha’s 100 Crore Mansion Basera In Mumbai Bandra Surrounded By Lush Greenery Both Inside And Out

By Ronit Kawale 3 Min Read

Rekha, the legendary Bollywood actress, Bandra’s house ‘Basera’ built on the bandstand is one of those beautiful places in Mumbai which people come from far and wide to see. This 100 crore mansion of Rekha is an identity of Mumbai, where along with magnificent design, greenery is also visible in abundance.

There is a big umbrella-like design at the entry outside the house, which adds to the beauty of this mansion. This design, to some extent, reminds me of Rekha’s famous film ‘Umrao Jaan’ (1981). Some of the walls here are white and the windows are also made in a special way to provide light inside the house, which gives it a fresh and elegant look. The view outside Rekha’s house is proof that all the luxuries will be present inside this mansion. Rekha, born Bhanurekha Ganesan, is the owner of this palace-like house seen in the picture.


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Rekha's abode ‘Basera’ 100 Crore mansion in Mumbai'

Rekha’s house is a little ahead of Shahrukh Khan’s house

This bungalow of Rekha is a little ahead of Shahrukh Khan’s house. It is said that no one is allowed to even peek into Rekha’s house. He has only a few close friends who can enter his house.

Rekha's abode ‘Basera’ 100 Crore mansion in Mumbai'


Rekha had to work to pay off her mother’s debt.

Rekha entered the film world at a very young age. Rekha’s parents (Pushpavalli and father superstar Gemini Ganesan) were both from the film industry. Rekha never got her father’s love and her mother raised everyone single-handedly. Rekha was in 9th class then, she was made to leave her studies and then she had to come into the industry. Sometimes, to pay off her mother’s debt and run the household, Rekha had worked in films against her wishes. Rekha just wanted to get married and settle down like a common girl.

Rekha's abode ‘Basera’ 100 Crore mansion in Mumbai'


Rekha's abode ‘Basera’ 100 Crore mansion in Mumbai'


This house has all the luxuries, only family is missing.

In the initial days, the journey of films was also not easy for Rekha. He also did B grade films. However, there were a lot of headlines about his personal life during his career. Many names were associated with her, Rekha also got married but today she has left marriage and her family and has all the luxuries of the world.

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