Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav Mompreneur builds Rs 300 crore clothing brand from just Rs 3.5 lakh

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Aks Clothing is one of the most unique brands in the clothing sector. Take a look at their Instagram handle, with a massive fan base of 40K followers, Aks is a blend of modern and traditional fashion. From celebrities wearing stunning outfits from Aks Clothing to their wedding store, Aks Clothing is truly making its mark in India’s clothing industry. Although it started with just women’s clothing, Aks Clothing is now a notable player in the men’s and kids’ clothing sector as well. However, today we are going to talk about Nidhi Yadav, the founder of Aks Clothing.

Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav, who owns a Rs 300 crore clothing brand

Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav is a Gurgaon-based entrepreneur who always wanted to work in the fashion sector but was forced to take up a corporate job due to personal reasons. However, after working in one of the world’s largest multinational companies, she realised that fashion and clothing were the only fields she wanted to pursue a career in. As a result, she founded and established her brand, Aks Clothing, from scratch in 2014.

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Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav
Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav

Talking about the educational background of Nidhi Yadav, she is a computer engineer by profession. After earning a degree in computer engineering, she worked at Deloitte, one of the world’s largest multinational companies. After working for some time at Deloitte, Nidhi realized that this is not a job she wants to do for the rest of her life. According to a DNA report, once during an office presentation, Nidhi was asked the question, “When was the last time she felt like coming to the office?” To this she replied, “Never”. This was when she seriously started leaving Deloitte, as some of her colleagues advised her to do what she likes from the heart.

Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav
Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav

Nidhi Yadav went to Italy to pursue a one-year fashion designing course at the prestigious Polimoda Fashion School in Florence. During her time in Italy, Nidhi studied the business models of a lot of clothing and fashion brands, which helped her in starting her own company. Once, in an old interview with an online news portal, Nidhi admitted that she took inspiration from the success stories of famous brands and decided to make clothes at affordable prices. She said:

I have always been attracted to clothing brands and their stories. So while pursuing a fashion designing course in Italy, I studied the business models of many reputed fashion brands. Inspired by their success, I decided to replicate it at Aks. We offer fashionable outfits at affordable prices and launch a new collection every 15 days so that our customers can stay updated with the trends.”

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Nidhi Yadav gave up a job offer in Italy and started her own clothing brand, Aks Clothing, with just Rs 3.5 lakh

Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav

After completing her fashion design degree from Polimoda Fashion School, Nidhi Yadav was offered a high-paying job in Italy. However, she declined the offer and returned to India to fulfill her dream of setting up her own clothing brand. Nidhi launched her clothing brand with just Rs 3.5 lakh while she was living in a 2BHK house in Gurgaon. Initially, Nidhi started her own company with less than a thousand units.

Nidhi Yadav, Founder of Aks Clothing, opens up about being a mompreneur

Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav

For those who don’t know, Nidhi Yadav is happily married to her husband Satpal Yadav. The couple is parents to an adorable daughter. However, when Nidhi and Satpal started their company Aks Clothing in 2014, their daughter was just seven months old.

Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav

It was difficult for Nidhi Yadav as she had to manage her newly established company and her newborn baby simultaneously. However, what worked for Nidhi was starting her company in a work-from-home setup, which helped her handle her daughter at the same time.

Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav

Once, in an old interview with CXOtoday.com, Nidhi Yadav recalled the time when she used to travel from Gurugram to Jaipur almost every weekend with her newborn. The mom entrepreneur admitted that travelling with her newborn daughter was quite tough as she used to be worried about her health as well. Not just that, Nidhi also revealed that she and her husband Satpal Yadav used to work till 3:00 am after putting their baby to sleep. It was a challenging phase, but Nidhi sailed through it with the support of her husband and in-laws.

Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav

When Covid-19 hit India, like most businesses, Nidhi Yadav’s Aks Clothing also faced a major drop in its revenue. At that time, she decided to make masks and PPE kits to generate income. Not only this, Nidhi also decided to venture into the kidswear section during the pandemic. The fashion designer also introduced an exclusive category, ‘Sibling Collection’, on her website, which was a huge success.

Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav
Aks Founder Nidhi Yadav and Satpal Yadav

Fast forward to 2024, Aks Clothing has emerged as one of the most promising clothing brands in India. According to a DNA report, Nidhi Yadav‘s clothing brand aims to hit the Rs 500 crore revenue mark in 2023-2024.

Nidhi Yadav, Founder of Aks Clothing

We are so impressed with Nidhi Yadav’s entrepreneurial journey, from quitting Deloitte to starting her own clothing brand, Aks Clothing. What do you think about this? Let us know.

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