Bharti Singh-Harsh enjoy lunch with Farah Khan, they eat 24 carat gold-plated sushi made with truffles

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Bharti Singh is one of the most prominent names in Indian showbiz. She is known for her funny punchlines and comic timing. The popular comedian leaves no stone unturned to entertain her fans and followers. Apart from her acting in reality shows, Bharti runs a successful YouTube channel with her husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa. On one channel, she shares daily vlogs, and on the other, the couple hosts a podcast where they interact with celebrities.

Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa have lunch with Farah Khan at an Asian restaurant

Recently, Bharti shared a vlog which left her fans laughing. She was seen having lunch with her husband Harsh and popular filmmaker Farah Khan. The latter invited the couple to Gigi, a fine dining Asian restaurant in Bandra. Bharti, one Native Deep down, she was hoping for some Indian dishes, but her hopes were dashed when she heard that they would have Asian dishes. The comedian joked in his usual style and shared that he was in a bad mood. In his words:

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“I was in a bad mood knowing we were going to a fancy restaurant. Farah ma’am often brings desi food. She always brought yakhni etc. for me. I just hope he takes us to some desi restaurant.

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Harsh Limbachiyaa says Farah Khan is like a mother to him

In the same vlog, Harsh shared a heart-touching story. He said that Farah Khan is like a mother to him. She never hesitates to help them in any matter and is always there for the couple. After entering the restaurant, Bharti captured some fun banter moments with the filmmaker and then started having lunch in a private dining area in the restaurant.

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Bharti Singh was shocked to know the price of truffles!

First, the three ate a dish made of salmon and tuna, which was somewhat similar to the Indian Solkadi, While Harsh and Farah liked this dish, Bharti did not. Moving on, they had 24 karat gold plated sushi with hints of truffles. When the filmmaker asked about the price of one kilogram of truffle, the chef said it cost around Rs. 1.5 lakh per kg. Hearing the price, Bharti said:

“I should be embarrassed, I didn’t know what a truffle was. Its price is Rs 1.5 lakh per kg. I would rather make it a gold chain.”

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Further in the vlog, Bharti, Haarsh and Farah were seen eating a dish called ‘Black Fungus Udon’ made from a type of fungus. While the name shocked him, the comedian thoroughly enjoyed the taste of the dish. Later, Bharti praised Chef Beena and shared that despite being a pure desi at heart, she loved the Asian dishes served in the restaurant. He also ate tiramisu at the end of his meal and simply licked it off his fingers.

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